Kronić Palace, Sombor, Čonopljanski put 30

Kronić Palace in yellow treasure

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On the green palm of the endless
Vojvodina plain in Bačka...

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Near the "city of greenery",
Sombor's carriages and parks...

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The city of Sombor is located on the green palm of the endless Vojvodina plain in Bačka. Near the town, on Čonopljanski put, in the center of the rich fields of Bačka, back in 2000, the magnificent building Kronić Palace, owned by the Kronić family, emerged. This building is specific and special in many ways, but at first glance, it irresistibly attracts with its extremely affected architecture. Tablets of grain, sunflower, and corn give it a special charm. The enchanting ambient whole is completed by the old farm, the forerunner of everything new.
In addition to the luxurious entrance hall reception, cafe-bar, covered taverns-terraces, there are also apartments and rooms for guests. In an enchanting huge ambiance, whose whole is complemented by green and flower spaces, paths, fountains, tennis club rooms, as well as tennis courts, all in a fenced complex of 3 hectares.

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For all questions during your stay and the provision of additional services, please reach out to us at reception.

Cafe Bar

We serve breakfast in the traditional Vojvodina way with an offer of various domestic and foreign drinks.

Parking lot

Guests and visitors of our facility are provided with private parking within the facility.

Tennis courts

We offer dates for the recreation of guests and visitors on two tennis courts with slag.

Apartments Kronić

Modernly equipped three-bed apartments for a complete feeling of comfort and convenience.

Prices start at: 3,000дин. per night

Palace Rooms

Two beds rooms equipped to the most modern standard. 

Prices start at: 3,000дин. per night